Being a Commercial Roof Inspector


Being a Commercial Roof Inspector

Ever wonder what it takes to become a certified, professional commercial roof inspector, or even what exactly a commercial roofing inspector does? It involves a lot of training for one and continuing education. All of Cornell’s own team of expert commercial roofing inspectors have gone through all the educational requirements, on-the-job training and are licensed and certified.

But what about all the nitty gritty? Well some of the career requirements include an education level of at least a high school diploma, although most employers prefer postsecondary education as well. And although certain types of certifications are considered voluntary, commercial roofing inspectors are required to be licensed or certified, depending on the state. Previous experience as a roofer is also helpful.

Still interested? Then let’s talk work experience! Most employers require commercial roofing inspectors to have previous industry-related work, such as working as a roofer. Sometimes a bachelor’s degree in areas like engineering, architecture, building inspection or home inspection can substitute for work experience too. There’s also on-the-job training. Many of the procedures are taught on the job by an experienced commercial roofing inspector, things like regulations, inspection methods and ordinances.

Once on the job for a while, many commercial roof inspectors seek to earn voluntary certifications for career advancement and professional growth from organizations like the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association and the International Code Council. Experienced, certified commercial roofing experts help Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal stay at the top of industry. For more information on joining the Cornell team, contact us!

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