Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. Announces Promotion of Lenny Austin to President

Kansas City, January, 25, 2024 – Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal, a leading commercial roofing company with a legacy dating back to its establishment in 1927, proudly announces the promotion of Lenny Austin to the position of President. Owner Mary McNamara will continue to serve as CEO, ensuring a seamless transition and continued success for the company.

Lenny Austin brings nearly 30 years of invaluable experience to his new role. He began with Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal as a Roofing Project Manager and advanced to Vice President. His extensive background in the roofing industry encompasses product manufacturing, project management, and technical services. Lenny has been a registered roof observer (RRO) since 2007 and is a certified Solar Roofing Professional (CSRP), showcasing his commitment to excellence and expertise in the field. Lenny’s wealth of knowledge and exceptional management skills have played a crucial role in the continuous growth of Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal.

Owner and CEO Mary McNamara, who acquired Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal in 2007, expresses confidence in Lenny’s ability to lead the company into its next chapter of success. Mary is a seasoned executive in the roofing industry who brought a  wealth of knowledge when she joined the company in 2006. Under her leadership, the company has consistently grown year over year, solidifying its position as a top competitor in Kansas City and the Midwest market.

Mary McNamara is not only dedicated to the success of Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal but is also actively involved in leadership roles within business, industry, and community organizations. Her vision and strategic guidance have been instrumental in shaping the company’s trajectory, and her continued involvement ensures a strong foundation for the future of the company as it nears its 100th year in business.

As Lenny Austin assumes the role of President, the leadership team at Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal remains committed to delivering exceptional roofing solutions and maintaining the company’s reputation as an industry leader. The combination of Lenny’s expertise and Mary’s visionary leadership positions Cornell for continued growth and success in the years to come.

Lenny Austin, President of Cornell Roofing 2024

Building a Stronger Tomorrow: The Enduring Value of Local Support

As a locally owned commercial roofing contractor with nearly a century of service in the vibrant Kansas City community, the team at Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal understands the intrinsic link between a thriving business and the community it calls home. Supporting local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and community initiatives isn’t just a feel-good sentiment during the holidays; it’s an investment in the collective well-being and future prosperity of our beloved KC Metro that should be carried throughout the year as you look ahead in 2024.

Local businesses are the backbone of any community, contributing to its economic growth, creating jobs, and fostering a unique identity that sets it apart. When you choose to support local enterprises, you’re not just buying a product or service; you’re investing in the heart and soul of your community. As a commercial roofing contractor deeply rooted in Kansas City, we’ve witnessed firsthand the positive impact that local support can have on businesses, large and small.

Nonprofit organizations play a pivotal role in addressing the specific needs of our community, from education and healthcare to the arts and social services. By supporting local nonprofits, we contribute to the betterment of our community and ensure that essential services are available to those who need them most. Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal’s commitment to local nonprofits extends beyond our business operations, with a dedication to actively participate in initiatives that uplift the community we’ve been proud to serve for nearly a century. We encourage our vendors, customers and colleagues to engage with their favorite nonprofit missions as well.

Community organizations are the threads that weave together the fabric of our society. By fostering a sense of belonging and connection, these groups create spaces for collaboration, cultural enrichment, and shared experiences. As a business ingrained in the local landscape, we recognize the importance of contributing to the initiatives that strengthen the bonds within our community, including our local Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs and multiple other civic and service organizations.

In conclusion, supporting local businesses, nonprofits, and community organizations isn’t just a choice; it’s a responsibility we all share. As a roofing contractor deeply embedded in the history and growth of Kansas City, Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal takes pride in our role as not just a business entity but as a dedicated member of this community. Together, through local support and collective efforts, we can build a stronger, more resilient tomorrow for generations to come.

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