NRCA: A Voice for the Roofing Industry

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has been a central source for roofing industry professionals for information, safety, education, advocacy and technical resources since the organization’s beginnings in 1886. Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal is a proud member and knows the value they bring for giving our company and trades professionals a voice in our industry.


The NRCA has over 3500 roofing industry members spanning all 50 states and 53 countries worldwide. To ensure they are addressing critical issues impacting the industry, as well as the concerns of manufacturers, distributors, consultants, and contractors like Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal, the NRCA recently launched their One Voice initiative. The ultimate goal of this effort is to unite and support the long-term success of the industry and NRCA members.


Organizations like the NRCA are driving advances in the roofing industry. Here at Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal, the resources and support we receive from the NRCA helps us in our efforts to continually improve safety, quality and service to our customers. We believe by working together, we can continue to drive improvements that will sustain our industry for generations to come. 


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High Points: 2022 Project Review

Looking back at 2022 has us thinking “wow! We did all that!?!” This year sure had its ups and downs, and brought new challenges. But in Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal’s 95-year history we’ve become pros in perseverance, while always sticking to our values of delivering nothing less than excellence for every customer on every project. 


As we close out 2022, we’re showcasing 12 of those projects (in no particular order). These buildings span diverse uses and diverse areas of the Kansas City region – and we’re proud of them all!