Celebrating Administrative Professionals

Our Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal crews working in the field and in our shop are on our project front lines delivering top-quality work for our customers. But there are Cornell team members working “behind the scenes” whose work is just as important to our success; the professionals of Cornell’s administrative team.

This month, we are celebrating National Administrative Professionals Day on April 21st (the Wednesday of the last full week in April each year). This is an opportunity to recognize the vital role individuals in administrative positions play in business. At Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal, we value our administrative team and appreciate all they do to contribute to our success.

Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal’s daily administrative functions for human resources, accounting, scheduling, reporting and service are managed by a team of experienced professionals with industry expertise. These folks keep our office operations running smoothly to support our leadership team and crews in the field, ensuring we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. 

The hard work and dedication of our administrative professionals does not go unnoticed. Join us in celebrating our amazing administrative pros at Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal! 

To learn more about Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal, visit www.CornellRoofing.com or call 816-252-8300.