Celebrating 95 Years in Business

This year marks Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal’s 95th year of business in Kansas City. When we were founded in 1927, a lot was happening in the world that would change the course of history:

  • Charles Lindbergh completed the first solo flight across the Atlantic
  • The film, The Jazz Singer opened, ending the era of silent movies
  • Work began on the Mount Rushmore Sculpture of Presidents 
  • Ford Motor Company unveiled the Model A

It appears Cornell is in good company with those who set out to make history and start something great in 1927! 

While much has changed over the years, the values that our company was founded upon remain the cornerstones of our success. Cornell’s dedication to operating with integrity, staying innovative, taking care of our people and our customers, and delivering top-quality commercial roofing projects was, is and will always be what sets us apart. 

We may be in our 95th year, but Cornell is not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, our team has recently expanded by over 250% and we are continuing to break records for growth. With solid leadership and our amazing professional staff and highly skilled crews, we are excited for all the future holds – and the next 95 years ahead for Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal.

To learn more about Cornell, visit www.CornellRoofing.com or call 816-252-8300.