Winter Weather Can Wreak Havoc on Commercial Roofs!

rust affecting the roofing structure

With this winter’s melting snow and ice, pooling water and now record setting low temperatures, just like your own home, commercial roofing systems need to be inspected for upkeep and maintenance. To stay one step ahead of Mother Nature, (or play a little catch-up!) checking on your commercial roofing system should include roof inspections to check for minor repairs at least twice a year. Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal offers commercial roof inspections with records and photos of each inspection for the building owner to have and review. If necessary, we can also create a customized Roof Maintenance Program to help in early detection of potential problems, helping to extend the life of your commercial roofing system.

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Snow, ice, bitter cold and corrosion, a damaging combination

hole in roofing system due to weather standing water on roofing system