Protect Your Commercial Property with Preventative Maintenance

Commercial buildings are major investments, and most building owners want to do all they can to protect their investments and minimize costs. When it comes to commercial roofing, spending a little on preventative maintenance now, can save big money in the long run.


No matter what commercial roofing system you have, there are steps you can take to extend the lifespan of your roof – while improving or maintaining the value of your structure and the property inside. Taking these steps can often delay or potentially eliminate the need for commercial roofing repair or an expensive commercial roof replacement.


  1. Inspect rooftop vents and equipment. Be certain all are properly functioning and well sealed.
  2. Examine drains and downspouts. Ensure there are no blockages that will inhibit proper drainage.
  3. Assess penetrations and flashings. Be on the lookout for any gaps or tears.
  4. Thoroughly check the roof for other potential damage or issues.


Cornell’s Roof Maintenance Program is offered as an important part of our comprehensive Commercial Roof Management System. Identifying potential problems early is the key to protecting your investment – and your peace of mind. 


Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal has been building and protecting commercial roofing systems for nearly 100 years. To learn more about Cornell Roofing and our Preventative Maintenance Services, visit and or call 816-252-8300.


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