Taking Extra Care For Extra Special Families

Currently Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal is working over St. Luke’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). We are working with JE Dunn on this project and my men and women on this job understand the sensitivity of the site we are working over.

We are working with extreme caution to create as little noise and to minimize any and all distress we may cause these parents of our tiniest little fighters. We have laid down extra materials at our own cost so there is no migration of smell.

The job is a “silent”, meaning only talk when necessary. Extra hand wringing is practiced in the event of rain. If it is raining 100 miles away we are taking ZERO risks to avoid accidently creating a leak.

I just want to thank all of our men and women on this job.  We are working at such a special part of the hospital.  Your extra care and concern is greatly appreciated.It was sunny out on September 25th, but rain was predicted and we stayed away.  We want to also thank JE Dunn for understanding our extra weather precautions.    Mary McNamara

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