Roofing History and Improvements

Roofing History and Improvements

Most people don’t think about the how their roofing system came about, how it was developed and the history of the roofing industry. The roof is something you always count on but hardly think about, and it literally holds the building together!

Roofs shelter not only the building and those inside, but also protect vital interior utility systems and defines the overall aesthetic. Roofing systems, styles and materials have continued to evolve ranging in performance and physical types. Tiles of wood and slate were popular until the mid-19th century when metal became the market leader. The 20th century also saw the development of roofing materials with several advances in durability and fire resistance, as well as the introduction of roof-related components like gutters, downspouts and flashing.

The evolution of roofing has largely been driven by performance, meaning that sheet metal is at the top of the game when it comes to commercial roofing systems. Cornell is always leading the way in the roofing industry as well. All these improvements have brought the roofing industry a long way, but even the best roofs can’t hold up against everything with out a little help.

That’s where Cornell comes in with our Commercial Roof Assessment. Right now, we’re offering a FREE Commercial Roofing Assessment, up to 20,000 square feet for the FIRST 10 to reply! Roof access is required. This offer good for commercial roofs only within the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. Sign up here!

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