Wishing All a Joyful New Year!

dreamstime_s_104396482In 2017, Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal celebrated its 90th Anniversary and we will continue that celebration into 2018! We have much to be thankful for and sometimes, in our busy lives, we forget to stop and take time to reflect on all that has been good and joyful during the past year.

90-years_3_pt2We especially want to thank all our wonderful customers, for without your support and confidence in our ability to deliver on our promises, there would be no 90th Anniversary! We have a great family of team members who work hard, sometimes in sweltering heat or darn right cold conditions, always focused on our Mission to “Consistently deliver the highest quality commercial roofing and sheet metal products and services in the Kansas City region.” Our vendors, subs and the cooperation of other trades also plays an important role in our success and for that we thank you all. We also have celebrated new little ones entering this world, new team members and of course, the lives of friends and family we lost this year.

So, from our family to yours, let us raise a glass as we ring in 2018. To all who have been a part of our lives this year, “Here’s to your continued Health, Happiness and Success in 2018 – CHEERS!”

The Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal Family

Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal Celebrates 50 Years as Member of MRCA

MRCA logo

Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal Celebrates 50 Years as Member of MRCA

Mary McNamara and Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal are well known for being a leader in the Commercial Roofing industry, keeping up-to-date on the latest products and technology and maintaining a long-standing relationship with area industry organizations. One of which is the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA).

Started in 1950 the MRCA was founded as an independent regional roofing contractors’ association with a mission to:

  • Assist member roofing contracting companies prosper by being a contractor advocate,
  • Acting as an industry spokesperson, circulating trade information via a bi-monthly newsletter,
  • Providing education through an annual conference, and
  • Being an active resource for members seeking advice in matters of business management, safety, technical and legal.

The MRCA seeks to develop and administer programs and services through its membership to help member companies build and thrive while continually working to progress the roofing industry as a whole.

This year Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal is proudly celebrating its own participation as member of 50 years! An impressive merit! Throughout this steady relationship with the MRCA, Cornell has gained much through its membership including training seminars and educational conferences, strong networking opportunities and helping to continue to stimulate growth in its own business.

Along with celebrating 50 years of membership with the MRCA, Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal also commemorates 90 years in business! Be sure to look for this article celebrating Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal’s 50 year anniversary with the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association in the upcoming issue of Midwest Roofer!

Being a Commercial Roof Inspector


Being a Commercial Roof Inspector

Ever wonder what it takes to become a certified, professional commercial roof inspector, or even what exactly a commercial roofing inspector does? It involves a lot of training for one and continuing education. All of Cornell’s own team of expert commercial roofing inspectors have gone through all the educational requirements, on-the-job training and are licensed and certified.

But what about all the nitty gritty? Well some of the career requirements include an education level of at least a high school diploma, although most employers prefer postsecondary education as well. And although certain types of certifications are considered voluntary, commercial roofing inspectors are required to be licensed or certified, depending on the state. Previous experience as a roofer is also helpful.

Still interested? Then let’s talk work experience! Most employers require commercial roofing inspectors to have previous industry-related work, such as working as a roofer. Sometimes a bachelor’s degree in areas like engineering, architecture, building inspection or home inspection can substitute for work experience too. There’s also on-the-job training. Many of the procedures are taught on the job by an experienced commercial roofing inspector, things like regulations, inspection methods and ordinances.

Once on the job for a while, many commercial roof inspectors seek to earn voluntary certifications for career advancement and professional growth from organizations like the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association and the International Code Council. Experienced, certified commercial roofing experts help Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal stay at the top of industry. For more information on joining the Cornell team, contact us!

The Job of Sheet Metal Worker

The Job of Sheet Metal Worker

Have you considered a career as sheet metal worker? Or even what the average sheet metal worker does on the job?

Sheet metal workers have more effect on your daily life than you probably realize. The most obvious way is by keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They specialize in hearing, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, as well as architectural, industrial and service sheet metal work. Of all the sheet metal specialties, service sheet metal workers are the least construction-related and more technical.

There are also hundred of hours of safety training, including 30 hours of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA), along with continuing education hours that must be completed. Education and training is ongoing in this industry to ensure safety and that sheet metal workers are always up to date with the newest products and technology. But it doesn’t stop there. Sheet metal workers also have a strong understanding of how things work, including air ducts, siding and panels and how to install them. Successful sheet metal workers must also have solid critical –thinking skills, math skills and of course a strong work ethic.

Not only that but the industry is growing too! The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 7-percent employment growth by 2024, meaning 9,400 new jobs for sheet metal workers. And a few other quick stats: The median income for sheet metal workers is $45,750, and the unemployment rate for sheet metal workers is 7.9%

It’s a great time to be a part of our industry!

Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal at IRE 2017


Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal at IRE 2017

The International Roofing Expo (IRE) is almost here, March 1-3, in Las Vegas, Nevada!  As a leader in the commercial roofing and sheet metal industry, Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal is sure to attend.

The IRE is “the preeminent roofing construction and maintenance event where roofing pros experience face-to-face interaction, product review, education and networking. The expansive show floor and extensive educational program provide the best opportunity to discover the latest trends, advances in technology and best practices for business growth. Formerly owned by NRCA, the show was sold to Hanley Wood Exhibitions in May 2004. Hanley Wood Exhibitions was acquired by Informa Exhibitions U.S. in December 2014.”

The expo will feature latest trend and technological advances in the roofing industry, along with plenty of opportunities to network and grow. Attendees will have the option to choose from 44 knowledge-building sessions specifically tailored to a variety of people in our industry. These include: commercial/residential/metal contractors, owners/CEOs/general managers, superintendents/foremen, architects/designers/consultants, salesmen/estimators, manufacturers/suppliers, and building owners/facility managers. There’s literally something for everyone in the commercial roofing industry. Many of the sessions have also been approved for continuing education hours, so get your hours in!

Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal is proud to attend. We’ll be sending our top-level management to gain this experience and expand our business first hand. The IRE brings all together the resources needed to help the Cornell team stay at the top of our game, like no other commercial roofing and sheet metal business in the KC metro.

To learn more about the International Roofing Expo, check out their website https://theroofingexpo.com/.

Mary McNamara at the Leadership exChange

Fountain in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas

Mary McNamara at the Leadership exChange

This past week, Owner and President of Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal, Mary McNamara, had the opportunity to take part in the Leadership exChange in Bentonville, Arkansas, along with other members of the Independence Economic Development Council. The group spent a total of two days learning from Bentonville city officials on how they have had their own success through a number of varying strategies and efforts to grow the city into what it is today.

This program was put on by the Independence EDC, a group Mary McNamara has been involved with for many years, presently serving as Chair of the Independence EDC. Established as a non-profit in the early 80s, the Independence EDC works to support the economic growth of Independence, Missouri, the home of Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal, along with over 130 other private sector investors.

As a dynamic member of the Independence community, Mary takes her involvement in groups like this seriously, continuously working to improve Cornell’s home community.  Which is exactly why she participated in the Leadership exChange program in Bentonville last week. The Leadership exChange itself is a separate program that seeks to empower the next generation of leaders and global citizens. It brings together like-minded communities to learn and share with each other.

And that’s just what happened in Bentonville, a mutual exchange of new and fresh ideas to improve Independence, over 40 local community leaders in attendance! Presentations included:

  • Downtown Redevelopment / Housing
  • Bentonville Parks and Recreation
  • Bentonville / Belle Vista Chamber of Commerce
  • Tourism
  • Downtown Bentonville, Inc.
  • RopeSwing Hospitality Group
  • Bentonville Public Schools Ignite program

There were also plenty of walking and bus tours, where participants could enjoy local culture and redevelopment projects, like the former Kraft plant currently being converted to a contemporary art space as well as downtown housing examples.

Our own Independence area civic leaders got a first-hand look at growing a successful community, and then they brought that new knowledge home. All that’s left now is to wait and see how they utilize it to strategically plan exciting new developments in Independence for a future, bright with opportunity!

Leadership exChange logo     Independence EDC logo


Rainscreen Wall Systems and the KCP&L Training Center

kcpl training center

Rainscreen Wall Systems and the KCP&L Training Center

Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal completed one of its largest projects in late 2015, the Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) Safety and Training Center. Working as the installer of the wall panels for Mays Maune McWard, Inc., Cornell Roofing finalized the 53,000-square-foot implementing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) principles. The $22-million education center was completed in an impressive 18 months, on budget and ahead of schedule!

Featured at the core of this project was CENTRIA’s Rainscreen Wall Systems. The Rainscreen Wall System consists of an outer element that helps to shed and control the majority of rainwater, working in tandem with the inner element which serves as the final barrier against water, air, vapor and temperature fluctuations. That means this commercial wall system can withstand almost any challenge Mother Nature serves up.

Today, the Rainscreen Wall System has evolved into a leading design choice in construction with numerous components, methods, materials and assemblies available based on aesthetic preferences and environmental/climatic conditions. This was one of the defining characteristics that drew in Project Manager Amy Gilbertson to choose CENTRIA.

CENTRIA provided nearly 80,000 square feet of building products for the exterior of the building. The Rainscreen Systems were chosen due to their clean aesthetic and wide variety of product options for custom design, used to accent wall in areas with industrial applications. There are a multitude of benefits to using the MetalWrap Rainscreen System too! These include:

  • Matchless temperature control
  • No need for batt or board insulation
  • Quick and easy installation with factory pre-punched panels
  • Low cost with a single-source product
  • Steel face and liner creating a drain plane for protection from water issues

And of course, the entire system is back by CENTRIA’s Advanced Thermal and Moisture Protection technology in the MetalWrap™ Insulated Composite Backup Panels that integrates effortlessly with the Rainscreen Wall System. All and all pulling together a massive project using state-of- the-art products and processes. You can learn more about CENTRIA and their Rainscreen Wall System by visiting their website, http://www.centriaperformance.com/.

kcpl-centria-brochure-page-1  kcpl-centria-brochure-page-2



What to Know When Hiring a Kansas City Commercial Roofing Contractor

commercial roofing contractors

What to Know When Hiring a Kansas City Commercial Roofing Contractor

Commercial business roofs act as your building’s first line of defense against hazardous weather. Your roof is constantly being exposed to the elements, causing decay and deterioration, which can weaken your roofing system over time. All of this leads to the need for periodic repairs and maintenance and eventually, replacement, so having a quality roof installation is a must and a strong investment in your building’s performance over time.

So what do you need to know when it’s time to hire a commercial roofing contractor? You might want to start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Who do you want to work with? Is the company honest and reputable? Do they have a tradition/past work that shows good craftsmanship completed in a timely manner?
  2. What work needs to be done? Is your roof leaking? Are there clogged waterways or downspouts that are causing water to pool? Or, do you think you might need a whole new commercial roofing system?
  3. What’s your timeline? When is the best time of the year to get your roofing issues solved? Are repairs immediate, or can they wait until the weather won’t be a problem?

Although there are plenty of commercial roofing contractors around, you want to be certain you get the best quality products, services and commercial roofing system for your money. When researching a roofing contractor, do background checks on the company, make sure they use trained professionals. Read reviews and do your homework.

Other things to keep in mind when choosing a commercial roofing contractor include:

  • Certification & Warranty. Check to make sure your prospective commercial roofing contractor is a certified installer of the roofing systems they offer. A team of certified professionals will give you the peace of mind that your commercial roof system meets warranty requirements.
  • Employee Training. Even though a commercial roofing business might be registered or certified, check to see that their team is as well. Safety is important, and you want to know your roof is in good hands with roofers that are trained in proper safety procedures.
  • Insurance. Insurance protects you and commercial roofing companies, so see that your roofing contractor is insured.
  • Referral. Online reviews are very helpful, but you can also ask business associates for recommendations. You want to make sure the roofing contractor you select is reputable and known for good work.
  • Years in Business. This is part of a commercial roofing contractor’s reputation. If they’ve been in business for a long time, that’s a good sign they’re doing things right.

Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal knows the importance of all these questions and concerns when searching for a commercial roofing contractor and makes sure to meet and exceed all expectations. If you’re interested in learning more about what Cornell can do for your roof, give us a call today at: 816-252-8300 or online at: www.cornellroofing.com.

Commercial Sheet Metal: Did You Know?

sheet metal works

Commercial Sheet Metal: Did You Know?

The roofing and sheet metal industry is growing in production rate, revenue and projects. Right now it ranks as the third largest U.S. manufacturing industry when measured by employment rates too!

With things on the rise, we wanted to share a few industry-wide facts that may surprise you about the commercial sheet metal side of Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal:

  • Sheet metal fabrication boomed from the 1990s to the mid 2000s, until a down time during the recession of 2009. After bouncing back, sheet metal drove revenues over $28 billion in 2015.
  • In 2015, there were more than 58,000 locally owned and operated sheet metal fabrication companies across the US.
  • Sheet metal employment is projected to grow by 7 percent by 2024, matching the average rate for all other occupation types.
  • In 2013, California, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin produced more than half of all the output of fabricated sheet metal products in the industry.
  • Also in 2013, 47 percent of shipments were from Alabama, Indiana Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.
  • In 2015, the highest paid 10 percent of sheet metal workers earned more than $80,000 a year.
  • The primary metals most often purchased in sheet metal are aluminum bar, tube, sheet or plate; hot or cold steel; and stainless steel.
  • The most common uses for sheet metal include:
    • Air conditioning ducts and furnace flues
    • Air cowls
    • Awnings, canopies, cornices, and soffits
    • Coal chutes
    • Culverts, flumes, and irrigation pipes
    • Electronic casings
    • Food vats and bins
    • Guardrails
    • Mailboxes
    • Roofs, roof drainage equipment, and gutters
    • Sheet metal flooring and siding
    • Ship ventilators
    • Stovepipes and hoods

With all this growth, now is a great time to be a part of the roofing and sheet metal industry! And, Cornell Roofing and Sheet Metal is proud to be leading the way. If you’re interested in a career in the commercial sheet metal industry, your first stop is Sheet Metal Workers’ Union No. 2:  http://www.sheetmetal2.org/

Cornell Roofing & Sheet Metal, celebrating our 90th Anniversary in 2017! Visit us online at: www.cornellroofing.com